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eZe Hotel

  • All in One Solution
    • Hotel Room booking
    • Restaurant POS
    • Bar POS
    • SPA, Gym, Swimming Pool Booking
  • Web Application with single database for all application
  • Human Resource and pay roll integrated
  • Seamless integration of Accounts
  • Touch screen enabled
  • Available with Hardware integration
  • Bar code integrated
  • Online payment gateway integrated
  • Integrated with web site for room booking online
  • Integrated with CRM for marketing team
  • SMS and mail integrated
  • eMenu - external orders
  • eWaiter - Mobile apps for waiters for table orders
  • eGuest - Mobile apps for guest who can order directly to the chef
  • eChef - Mobile apps for the Chef to receive order and intimate on order completion
  • Customizable menu items and item cost
  • Cost sheet for Kitchen items
  • Production planning
  • Warehouse based Inventory management integrated
  • Offers based on bill amount and item
  • Wastage and excess production monitoring
  • Chef special
  • Material issue to kitchens based on material request and approval
  • Provision to monitor damaged goods
  • Season based pricing for hotel rooms
  • Advance booking by users online
  • Manage complimentary items and amenities for room booking
  • Room transfer
  • Complaints Management
  • Banquet hall booking
  • Bar POS
  • Gym and Spa Booking engine
  • Swimming pool booking
  • Asset management
  • Consumables management

What's new ?

Hospitality may seem to be very lucrative and easy going at the outset but on the other hand this is one industry facing too many challenges basically due to the criticality of service. This one industry deals with the two of the basic needs of any person namely Food, Shelter leaving clothes aside.

Customer preferences are multiple and the options available to the them are overwhelming. So competition in terms of customer retention is a everincreasing task for the stake holders. Further, we deal with food a consumable commodity. It speaks on the ambience of service, taste, delicious presentation on the one hand but perishable, wastage and damage putting brakes on the profitability on the business persistently.


There are no big tools to guide the stake holder to decision making and imparting corrective measure at the right time bringing reputation to the business entity on the whole while increasing productivity and profitability to the organization. Not compromising on the quality of service and supply of foods the managers always strive very hard to retain customer choices which is a perennial challenge to all.

eZiHotel brings in a sigh of relief to every serious businessman who tries to do micro level management of each activity in the enterprise. eZiHotel brings in the basic philosophy of data availability to the top level management and middle level management the way and format it is required, which enables them to manage the show in the most efficient manner.

Profitability to the organization not only depends on the Sales across the counter but also efficiently managing back end process particularly in minimizing the wastage intentionally or unintentionally among the employees. Proper checks and balances in consumption of materials in the kitchen give an impetus to the financial management in terms of cost saving through controlled supply and usage of food items.

eZiHotel deals food items in three stages. One is the INVENTROY ITEMS which is the basic raw material in the initial form. It is always bought-out. Keeping stock of the inventory is very important in terms of financial terms as well as for operations.


Without inventory information production-planning might not be possible. Next is the KITCHEN ITEMS. These are the finished products which forms the basis of the menu items avialble the menu card for sales. Right combination of these kitchen items makes the right quantity of menus, which can become saleable. Any imbalances in these kitchen items will terribly add the wastage for the day.

Most of the finished goods are perishable and hence any type of over production will lead to direct loss. This loss is highly critical because it not only involves in the loss of inventory and also all the other allied activities like man power, opportunity cost, power, fuel etc. Finally comes the MENU ITEMS which is being displayed in the POS. These menu items are combination of kitchen items in the desired proportion.

Online POS

Hghly flexible which is adaptible to Touch Screen monitors and Manual feeding by the users. The screens are highly user frlendly where the users can work on the touch screen. In case the customer wants to use the keyboard for entry, stil this feature is enabled.

  • Both cash and card can be handled in the same screen.
  • Bill hold and Bill Unhold helps the user at the counter to handle rush during peak hours.
  • Counter user can entertain Take Away customer and KOT customers in the same screen.
  • Merge KOT and Seperate KOT is possible with click options.
  • Auto discount is enabled for items based offers and cash discount.
  • Todays collection in each counter can be notified.
  • POS linked to Rooms inside the hotel.