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eChef is one of the recent innovations to fill up the communication gap between the Chef and eGuest or eWaiter.

No more slips and no more shouting of the menu

eChef gives a direct link between the user and the chef. Any clarification the Chef will be able to make it online and the problem is solved. No more communication gap. No more misunderstanding. No more dis-satisfaction.

eChef gives the ability to document the requirement sent by the waiter or customer through the mobile app on the fly.

Hence there is no ambiguity on what was preferred by the customer and what was the menu supplied to the customer ultimately. Most of the time it happens. "I ordered this and you brought me this." Then the watier says "You ordered only this and we brought the same." This is just a perennial issue in restaurant. Ultimately the customer satisfaction is at stake for no fault on either side.