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Theme Customization

Static page with non-interactive content is a big turn-off. Business constantly demands innovation and strategy. It offers an edge over others in the competition when packed with more features to value-add the experience of the customers. We value the choice and preference of your customers. We let your customers to choose the color, theme and the layout of the application to elevate their mood and enhance their experience.

Interactive Menu

Gone are the days of simple order- books and menu-cards, we have moved into an era of digitalization. Attractive pictures of the food in the menu, loaded with information about the cuisine, their calorific values, the chef's recommendations, promotions, and specialty of the day will be listed in the menu. That's not all! The registered customers can also see the deal, coupons and combos through our interactive menu.

Item Modifier

Pamper your taste pallets! Elevate your moods. If your guests wish to change/alter the order, Item modifier lets them to add, delete, change or increase the items and the quantity. The user-friendly menu will make the process of selecting, ordering and even canceling more seamless.

POS Integration

Let your digital gadget do all the invoicing, and credit card processing which ensures the fluid operation and splendid performance. Our product lets you to take orders, track the special requests, set prompts for specials and combos, and track order status.

Offline Mode

We reap the full boon of the technology to emerge new solutions and transform the same to all out clients. The upcoming trend is to make the application work in the offline mode! We have catered it through our extensive expertise and the complementing technology, which helps to work offline and instantly connect when there is an internet or wifi.

Guest Feedback

Our tool has the feature for the guests to register their opinion. Constructive feedbacks are our check points, genuine and non-sugar-coated feedbacks are the primary foundation on which the firm grows. Transformation, and progression symbolizes growth of the firm. Appreciation energies, it is a pat on the back for the job well done. Track your growth through the feedback option and streamline your progress.

Order/Item Remarks

This feature helps your customers to enhance their experience of dining, which enables them to make any remark or specify on any food item individually or on the entire order on the whole. Built-in feature to enhance the taste of the food, specify any changes, even notify the spice and sugar levels or even the sending any specific messages pertaining to the food becomes very much possible with our tool.

Waiter/Guest Mode

Guest Mode enables to order digitally through a gadget placed with utmost updated features, and interactive features are new to the industry. This revolutionize the way the culinary industry operates. Experience a fast, enhanced and elevated dining experience.

The traditional order book will be replaced by an interactive digital tablet, which leverages the experience of the guest to select and order the food through the waiter mode.


Seamless integration along with up-to-date fluidity of the information/data across the organization has changed the way the firm operates. Once the menu has been updated in any device, it will be updated across all the devices connected in the network. It provides efficient synchronization between the guest, waiter, chef and the management.

Quick Search

The fast-track scanning of the menu, which helps the customers to quickly browse through the available options are made possible in this feature. Customers or employees will be able to search things more quickly with quick search feature. This feature allow the customers to quickly look for a particular item placed amongst various menus.

Export Menu

The restaurants will reap the maximum benefit out of this feature by transferring the items from one mode to other, which enables seamless integration of the items ordered.