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Ezihotel is an Automated online hotel management system & hospitality software. It is the best ERP web application for online reservation of rooms in hotels.Ezihotel is an end to end automated hotel management web application. Many leading restaurants and hotel business of Malaysia have bought this software.

Ezihotel includes extended online CRM facilities and Ezi hotel covers all the areas of hotel business. It is suitable for all front desk receptionists, customers, waiters, cooks, accountants, back office staffs, managers etc. It can be used for multiple purposes in hotel management. Using ezihotel you can do online reservation of rooms in future date and time along with the food. You can book many number of tables.

Also there are provisions in our hotel management software to extend and showcase your business by booking meeting halls. Banquet hall facility is available which includes resources like OHP, monitor, microphone, podium etc. You can also promote your spa, bar, swimming pool, gym facilities with our ezi hotel application. It covers all aspects of hotel management which includes billing, reservation, orders, payments, feedback.


Since we built the software in ERP model we already integrated the HRMS and Payroll process inside it. It seems like we across one of the best PMS software now. Everything can be done through mobile. It consists of meeting hall bookings, inventory management, food preparation orders, online POS and automated Kitchen Order Tickets(KOT), complaint management system also. Many other miscellaneous services are inbuilt in our software and we can also make one based on your request.

It is one of the best hotel management apps I ever used.I assure the customer will be satisfied with experience of UI and automation of hotel industry as well as it will be flexible for your workers in billing system too. Ezihotel makes everything easier in hotel management.


  • Fetures

    Integrated POS

    Smartly integrated, simplified and user friendly POS

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    Home Delivery

    Facilitating online orders through payment gateway

  • Fetures

    Reviews & Rating

    Customer's feedbacks, rating and reviews

  • Fetures

    Videos / Blogs

    Food preparation videos, ingredients list and images

  • Fetures

    Customer Retention

    Loyalty programs, games, coupons, etc.

  • Fetures

    Booking Engine

    Online booking platform with integrated payment gateway

  • Fetures


    Stringent control and monitoring mechanism for inventories in the restaurant

  • Fetures


    Room Maintenance, House keeping & amenities inventory monitoring

  • Fetures

    Digital Menu Card

    Customer can place the order through tab placed on the table

  • Fetures


    Event updates offers and discount intimation


Features to put restaurant business
on turbo mode.